Sanytol® protects your world

Spread of disease is a global problem that threatens tour health, so it is important to have good hygiene and maximum precautions for cleaning and disinfection to protect the whole family from germs found at home.
Swine flu is a new virus subtype of seasonal flu that we are not yet immunized. Similar to seasonal flu, is spread from person to person, primarily through the air in droplets of saliva and nasal secretions by coughing, talking or sneezing. These respiratory droplets may remain on hands, on surfaces such as tables or countertops, or are dispersed into the air. 80 % of infections are transmitted through hand contact. Therefore , it is essential to have a range of antibacterial products and disinfectants to break the chain of infection by killing bacteria and viruses.

Basic tips to protect yourself from germs that cause infections:


Wash your hands frequently with sanitizing gel or antibacterial soap, because they are the part of the body where most disease-causing germs spread.


Disinfect surfaces with antibacterial products, because many times when cleaning with standard products is not enough to kill germs.


Avoid sharing personal products such as cutlery or glasses, as they are a great source germs spread.


In order to prevent spread of colds and flu, it is important to cover our mouths with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and then throw it away.